Enrollment Terms

Thank you for your interest enrolling our course. There are a number of steps we need to complete prior to entering into a financial agreement with you.

At the end of these steps your account will be updated to allow the completion of purchases from this store.

These steps are:

  1. Watch the video! This is a values based video demonstrating the day in the life of an ECE. This is rewarding and hard work and not for everyone. If you like what you see we are happy to chat further.
  2. Give us a ring on 90361504. We will have a chat about our course content, fees, your time commitments, academic preferences, eligibility for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT), as well as any support we can provide to ensure your success. During this conversation we will commence a 'pre training review' designed to ensure you have the suitable Language, literacy and Numeracy, can make the time commitments, that the course aligns with your carer trajectory, and you know what you are getting into. We don't want you to sign into something you cannot commit to or won't find rewarding!
  3. Attend a face to face meeting. During this meeting we will complete the 'pre training review' including a Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment. Our course is tailored for mature students with LLN level of ACSF 3 or above. Essentially, this is a year 10 or above level English, correct use of capitalisation, understanding of context, ie formal vs informal language etc. If you find reading pleasurable (who has time!) and can write a letter then you should breeze through!
  4. At this point we will discuss our fees and charges and you will receive an agreement outlining refunds/ withdrawals and consumer protections. 

If you have not already phoned us to get the ball rolling you can also register your interest here https://www.organisationallearning.edu.au/pages/contact-us