Jobseeker Marketing Service

$2,200.00 AUD

Are you from overseas?  Finding a Job in Australia can be the most difficult and stressful task to perform. It can involve lots of time and overcoming the perceived reluctance of employers to hire migrant workers. It is our experience that this perception can be overcome if you have appropriate information about cultural differences within the business community.   If you are a student from overseas you can increase your graduate opportunities (and migration points) by obtaining part time work in a discipline related to your studies. Our Jobseeker Marketing service will assist you translate employment systems that worked at home into the local Australian labour market.

We will assist you to:

  • Understand what Australian employers are looking for,
  • Understand how the Australian recruitment industry works
  • Translate your knowledge, skills and experiences into a new local labour market,
  • Obtain an employer sponsor to meet your requirements.

Our relationships with migration agents ensure that we make it easy for employers to complete the required paperwork

What we expect from you is the ability to:

  • Qualify for an Australian work permit
  • Be in Australia or able to visit for interviews
  • Have commenced with the residence process
  • Be looked after by a qualified immigration adviser that will take care of your paperwork