Being Becoming and Belonging in Early Childhood Education

I have been asked by many parents in our shop Dragonfly Toys how to support their child's being becoming and belonging and what do these terms really mean in the hustle and bustle of family life. This has got me thinking. Not only is the concepts themselves so simple, it is precisely because of their simplicity that we need to remind ourselves of their intentions. Children need time to just ‘be’—time to play, try new things and have fun. Being is about living here and now. The concept of being reminds educators to focus on children in the here and now, and of the importance of children’s right to be a child and experience the joy of childhood.

Children need to feel welcome and connected to what is going on around you. By building a sense of belonging we also build identity, wellbeing and the ability to learn.

I think of my own relationship to my children and play with them knowing that I need to be there but also that I have a role in shaping them and developing their every potential. I have written about some strategies and hope you find them useful. You can read the full article here.