Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our Vision, OLA, Organisational Learning Australia


The future workforce will need to expand and grow their skills to maintain industry currency and income security. A large section of the workforce will need to access quality vocational education to do this. Organisational Learning Australia will be that vocational training provider of choice able to offer relevant, forward thinking and innovative training.


Our Values

  1. We recognise learners are the thinking hands of industry. We are committed to the lifelong learning of our staff and customers. We embrace learning as a process rather than just another qualification. 
  2. We listen to what our customers want, exercise self awareness and emotional intelligence.
  3. We aim to be original, different and creative. We strive to do what no one else is doing in the marketplace.
  4. We are committed to innovation. We are open to new ideas and possibilities. With our growth mindset nothing is impossible.
  5. We are committed to continually improving our own performance. Failure is a valuable opportunity to learn on our road to success. We persist bravely and intelligently, unrelenting in the face of obstacles.
  6. We embrace change and become the driver of change. We know it’s never too late to do things differently and better. We use our shared intelligence to do more with less and pursue cost effective and environmentally sustainable solutions.
  7. We infuse creativity and fun into work and the workplace. Our flexible work arrangements assist us pursue our organisations goals more productively.
  8. We value aesthetics when incorporating form and function. We are inspired by those who engage their imagination.