Ignite Minds

      We TEACH to ‘Ignite Minds’ through family day care. 

Ignite Minds is a sister company of OLA. Ignite Minds is a family day care service that guarantees employment in family day care for all of our graduates subject to police clearance and home safety inspection requirements.

Ignite Minds is a company dedicated to Early Childhood Education. We also trade as Dragonfly Toys, which offers a beautiful range of play experiences in store and online.

Our primary business is Family Day Care and we operate across Melbourne, Bendigo and Castlemaine in Victoria. Our early years learning approach is warmly inspired by Rudolph Steiner and is grounded in a play based curriculum. Many people ask as what we mean by ‘Steiner inspired’ and I fear that we offend people for being too Steiner or not Steiner enough!

What we mean is that we focus on storytelling and creativity, open and unstructured play with natural world and a love of a beautiful and simple aesthetic to encourage imaginative play.

We create environments of ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing to’ children as we negotiate learning that is relevant to each child. Yes, we have many years of combined Waldorf experience, we have sent our children to Steiner schools and we have a reverence for the natural world and family festivals that mark the passing of the seasons. We are not exclusive or dogmatic and we practice being open minded, tolerant and welcoming of all people.

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