Why be an Educator

Why Become an Early Childhood Educator?

As you can see from our sister organisation Ignite Minds (video above), Early childhood Educators are absolutely awesome people.  Not only do they practice relating to children and refining their teaching skills, they bring about generational change and make a real difference.  In Australia, we believe in a 'fair go' and this means everything in early childhood.  Being part of this lucky country means that your child's ability to become a doctor, a musician, artist or a successful entrepreneur (or whatever they choose!) is influenced but not predetermined by the post code or social demographics they live in.  Early Childhood Educators assist young children develop enquiry and lay the building blocks to give them the confidence to be the very best they can be.

Early childhood educators are important influencers in our society.  Research suggests that our response to learning is set in the fist 3 years of our life.  Early childhood educators make a difference!  We develop foundation skills that will scaffold a child into adulthood.

Whilst the media has been full of stories about dodgy training providers they have not told the full story.  The fact is that many RTO's provide 'free training' and as the saying goes 'you get what you pay for'!

Early childhood educators are amazing people, they work hard and are committed to making a difference in the lives of children and families.  Educators become a 'third parent' for those of us lucky enough to have one.  With more and more families forced to have 2 incomes it is vital to our society that we have well educated, emotionally secure and trusted educators able to support children and parents during the busy phase early childhood brings to any family.

Fortunately for you, we understand childcare in modern Australia and are committed to providing you with the highest quality education in the country.  

There is a misconception that a career in early childhood does not pay.

  • Our Certificate III qualified assistant can earn up to $50k per year.
  • Diploma qualified centre manager can earn up to $90k per year.  
  • A Family Day Care Educator (cert III minimum) can earn over $130k per year looking after 4 children at home.

We are so confident of our success that we guarantee you employment with Ignite Minds Family Day Care. (Want to find out more? check out www.igniteminds.com.au/become-educator) Our guarantee is conditional on you progressing towards passing our course, meeting police clearance and home safety inspection requirements.

Now is the time to make that career choice - some educators are making more than $500 per day looking after children in their own homes!  Ask us how!

Call now on 1300 683 456 to enrol today!

Organisational Learning Australia delivers high quality Nationally accredited training services Early Childhood Educators across Melbourne.  Our training facility is located within the Abbotsford Convent and adjacent to Sophia Mundi Steiner School.  We have partnerships with Steiner educational institutions and promote a Waldorf and play based approach to early learning.

Submit your course enquiry online or call now on 1300 687 456 to discuss this opportunity in detail at your no obligation interview.

A pre enrolment interview will be conducted with you to assess eligibility for government funding, suitability of course for your career aspirations and whether you have the appropriate language and literacy to be able to complete the course.  Don't worry, we wont be signing up anyone from nursing homes, bus stops or people who don't have a genuine desire and personality to work with children!  

All students will be required to attend 2 full days of classroom training at the the Abbotsford Convent each month and participate in work experience at least 1 day per week for the duration of the course.  Our Certificate III course runs for 6 months and our Diploma runs for 12 months.

The following documents are an essential point of reference to accessing our services.

We do not offer you a bound 'student handbook' as we are trying to reduce the amount of trees we cut down.  Prior to enrolment you should familiarise yourself with the below documents. These documents will be discussed at your pre-enrolment interview and there will be an opportunity for further explanation or assistance should you require.

Following enrolment, students are provided with a secure login for restricted content