Children's Services at the Convent's Open Day

Early Childhood Education is crucial to children's development. On Sunday, 9 November the Abottsford Convent's Open Day offers a prime opportunity to explore study and career opportunities in Children's Services in general and in Early childhood Education.

The opportunities for committed early childhood educators and children's service workers are vast, to not only make an ethical career and earn a respectable salary, but to make a real difference for the better in the lives of kids.

You'll be able to join Organisational Learning Australia, one of Melbourne's leading childhood educators, at the Abbotsford Convent to explore your own career and childcare options.

"We'll be throwing open our doors at Organisational Learning Australia (OLA)," said Ujjval Goble at OLA.

"We offer training and recruitment services to future childhood educators at four locations throughout Melbourne and regionally, and you'll be able to find out about our training services, and how particular courses will suit you.

OLA teaches the Certificate III in Children's Services as well as the Childcare Diploma, which can lead to work in ways you may not have contemplated.

"Compared to some large institutions, home-based childcare is a friendly, nurturing and personalised way of caring for children.

"The children can develop better relationships with the educator, who these days study for qualifications to the most stringent standards.

"We can help you explore numerous and exciting career opportunities after you have graduated, including further study options."

All this is possible in the engaging atmosphere of an Open Day at the Convent, which has fast become one of the inner city's most important cultural hubs.

One of OLA's partners is Dragonfly Toys, also based at the Convent, and anyone interested in early childhood education will be delighted with their range of educational toys, books, puzzles and more.

Ignite Minds Family Day Care also shares the Convent site and will be able to talk to you about childcare or career opportunities.

"The day will be a great opportunity for children, parents and students to come and discover the great things going on behind the walls of the Abbotsford Convent," Ujjval said.

Nearby Sofia Mundi K-12 Steiner School is holding its open day on the same day, so you'll see up close the beautiful work of Steiner students and find out more about Steiner Education - one of the fastest growing forms of education in Australia today.

The Open Day starts at 11am and, with Christmas galloping hard at us, it's a prime opportunity to explore the wonderful range of educational and aesthetic games and puzzles from Dragonfly Toys and artists based at the Convent.

"The Open Day is this great convergence of arts, education and community, showcasing the skills and endeavours of the Convent's tenants.

"You'll be able to talk to us about our range of early childhood educational toys, and the children's services we offer."

He said sponsors Bendigo Bank will be there, but more exciting, perhaps for children, so will Circus Oz, Wildlife Victoria and Kids Own Publishing, which specialise in children's publishing.

"The Convent has developed into a fascinating place to work," Ujjval said.

"There'll be a Koorie Market, as the Convent houses the head office for the Wurrundjeri, and they'll be opening a special garden as well.

"Lentil as Anything will have their doors open with their great vegetarian food. I think there'll be something here for everyone on the 9th of November, and we'll love to see you here."