Happy June Holidays & Happy Ramadan!!

Ramadan is a time when Muslims reflect on their lives and thoughts over the past 12 months and ask themselves what could have been done differently and better. It is a time for remembering your personal goals and reflecting on your quiet achievements. This remembering is born of enduring the hardships of fast, and in celebrating and breaking fast with your family and loved ones. It is a tremendously social time and deeply personal. It is a time for setting goals and being thankful. A time for remembering those that are less fortunate than ourselves and for giving generously. A time of great charity.

I am not Muslim but I find great virtue in these values and practices regardless of faith. It has been a long time since I deliberately stopped and reflected on life. I hope you find time to pause these school holidays and just hang with the ones you love! For all our families and educators that are fasting this month, a warm and heartfelt Happy Ramadan from the team at OLA! Ramadan Mubarak!