Shift workers shafted by inflexible childcare system

The age published Shift workers shafted by inflexible childcare system on 13th June 2022 but this article only tells half the story.  Sometimes the solution is right under our noses. 

Family Day Care offers flexibility for shift workers.  Ignite Minds has seen increased enrolments of shift workers and essential workers including doctors, nurses, police, paramedics, food processing and security workers.

Approved Provider Ujjval Goble said this is for two reasons.  'the first is that FDC is capped with small enrolments - usually 4 children - reducing risks associated with community transmission of COVID 19.'

He said the second reason is 'the ability for home based educators to offer flexible evening and overnight care'.

Ujjval said that many workers like Jane Hyland and her husband Colin Fassnidge are engaging informal nannies or baby sitters without any government subsidy or support simply because they are not aware that Family Day Care is an option.  

He encourages anyone who is looking for care that is outside the 8am to 6pm standard booking to contact the team at Ignite Minds and discuss your options.  

This is another indication of the demand and business case for anyone seeking a career change into childcare.  Study with OLA and utilise their pathway to family day care through Ignite Minds.