What is Family Day Care?

There are so may opportunities to work in Family Day Care that we cannot train enough Early childhood Educators to meet current demand. So many people ask 'What is Family Day Care' but very few understand what are their rights and responsibilities when working under a Family Day Care Scheme. I have tried to answer some of the common questions below:

What Qualifications do I need to work as a Family Day Care Educator?

How much can I earn as a Family Day Care Educator?

Rates vary from scheme to scheme. Ignite Minds Educators are paid on an ABN based on the following rates:

  • Educators who are enrolled in a Certificate III Course of Children’s services earn $5.00. child per hour
  • Educators who hold Certificate III in Children’s Services earn $5.50 per child per hour
  • Educators who hold Diploma of Children’s Services earn $6.50 per child per hour
  • Educators who hold a Degree in Early Childhood earn $7.50 per child per hour 

How many Children Can I educate in any given hour?

  • You can educate a maximum of 7 children at any given time including your own children.
  • You can educate a maximum of 4 children under the age of 4 at any given time.
  • Before and after school programs run approximately 5 hours per day
  • Full day childcare is approximately 10 hours per day

How much will it cost me?

Fees can vary from scheme to scheme. You should always have a contract that clearly outlines what fees your scheme can deduct from you for administering your service. The following fees have been taken from www.igniteminds.com.au
  • Administration fee is $0.80 per child per hour
  • Software license fees is $5.00 per month
  • Ongoing maintenance of toys, equipment and home safety requirements
  • Annual insurance costs of approximately $50 per month

Are there any other set up costs?

You will need to meet the cost of getting your home to meet our safety requirements. You should allow up to $500 to get set up plus $140 for a Working with Children’s Check and a National Police check. Set up costs are for the purchase of safety equipment and minor modifications to your home. Costs can vary depending on the age and general upkeep of your home. All applicants will get a home safety inspection report which includes requirements for approval to delivery Family Day Care services.

Want to find out more?

www.igniteminds.com.au | info@igniteminds.com.au |1300 856 463

If you have not read it you may like to begin by clicking on the beow fact sheet.

You can also find informtion in Arabic and Somali at the following link: https://education.gov.au/family-day-care