Enrolment Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming an early childhood educator in Melbourne.  Just think, you might be making the brave step into one of the most rewarding careers!  We will be with you every step of the way.  We do not see our students as 'empty vessels' ready to be filled with information and ideas, but rather see our role as one of 'igniting the flames' and passion to become the very best you can be.  

Below is the Enrolment Process : 

1. Complete enquiry form

2. We will call you to see if this course is the right fit for you, by working through your career path ideas and passion for educating children.

3. Pre-training Review - You will be invited to Google Classroom, to complete your Pre-training Review.

4. Your Pre-training Review will be marked

5. Once approved, you will be given a login and invitation to purchase the course clusters.


See below for a more detailed description of the Enrolment Process.

Given all the dodgy stuff happening in RTO land, we have a very thorough engagement process that begins with a chat.  During this chat we will outline the types of jobs and careers available to you, discuss the 'nitty gritty' of early childhood education (dealing with poopy nappies and singing about it!) and if this does not turn you off we will outline the course structure and requirements to pass.

If you then decide that this course is for you, we will conduct a Language and Literacy test to see if you meet at least ACSF level 3.  This is a technical way to ensure you can locate and comprehend information in detailed written material such as a job description. Can interpret information from charts and tables such as flight schedules and use the 'help' facility in a software program. You can compare information from different sources and use organisers, such as headings and indexes in manuals as well as use punctuation such as apostrophes and quotation marks as an aid to understanding and spell with reasonable accuracy. 

Basically, we do not want to sign you up for a course that you don't like the career prospects, have a poor understanding of the course structure, or wont have the literacy and numeracy to be able to complete because that's unethical!  

Our courses are run from our early childhood hub at the Abbotsford Convent which is situated just outside Melbourne CBD.  

In our 'reverse classroom' you will practice, play and learn in real life environments during work experience and you will bring these experiences, and 'real problems' (not scenarios) to the classroom where you will workshop solutions.  We see the world as the classroom and our learning hub a place of enquiry and reflection, a place where learning is unfolding as a shared experience.