Heart Spaces

Heart Spaces, Carol Liknaitzky, Steiner, Rudolf Steiner, Organisational Learning

Carol is an extraordinary facilitator combining over 40 years of early childhood education and adult learning spanning South Africa and Australia.  Carol is a thought leader in Waldorf education having established early childhood programs and schools in Africa and spent the past decade facilitating the Steiner early childhood course at the Melbourne Seminar.  Carol has brought her life's work into perspective with her current course 'Heart Spaces' and this is a truly special, unique and remarkable 'once in a lifetime' experience.  

In Carol's words 'When I think about educating and what it means, I ask myself how can I help that human being unfold all aspects of themselves in an integrated way. I am convinced that if we wish to help learners (which we all are) to continue the motivation, the love of learning that they are born with, we need to engage head, heart and hands.'


Carols course is suitable for students looking for additional tuition qualifications in Waldorf early childhood education.  Please contact Carol directly if you wish to enrol in Heart Spaces concurrently to OLA