Our People

Ujjval, CEO, Igniteminds, OLA, Organisational Learning Australia

Ujjval Goble

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and owner of OLA, Ujjval brings a unique passion for Early Childhood Education and Care.  Ujjval facilitates many classes and oversees the assessment throughout each course.  Students can expect detailed instruction, mentoring, and additional support from Ujjval throughout the course.

Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Leadership
BA Philosophy/Anthropology
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Diploma Quality Auditing
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Employment Services
Diploma of Training and Assessment
Cert IV Training and Assessment
Cert IV Front Line Management

Joanne Kian

General Manager 

A founding team member Joanne is always available for a supportive ear and advocacy.  Nothing is too much trouble and Joanne will support you in every way possible throughout your studies.

Diploma Quality Auditing
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Cert IV Project Management
BA Sociology/Anthropology

Carol Liknaitzky, Carol, Educator Leader, Teacher

Carol Liknaitzky

Trainer/ Education Leader

Carol is an expert facilitator and teacher.  Combining many years experience as an Early Childhood Educator, work within government, outreach support and working directly with families and children Carol brings wisdom, practical anecdotes and enormous creative energy.

Carol is passionate about human and child rights, working towards the transformation of people and their communities through participatory creative processes. Carol uses visual and performative arts, as well as craft-making to ensure the courses are practical and help to engage people in an integrated learning process. She believes that the whole person (head, heart and hands) needs to be included in the process to embed learning experiences. Carol is committed to enabling tolerance for diverse points of view and beliefs, and helping towards change in mindsets and attitudes.
Carol believes people who come to her classes feel inspired, empowered, become gentler and kinder with themselves and others, and are confident to create whatever they need to provide for an enriching educational experience for others.
See here some specifics:
Setting up a Steiner teacher training centre in Alexandra township, Johannesburg and designing and implementing the Early Childhood curriculum for twelve years
 Working in a South African Provincial Education Department post-apartheid, managing teams of officials and contracted organisations to develop new legislation based on the findings of a series of action-learning linked pilot projects supporting vulnerable children and families
 Training teachers and teacher trainers in multicultural settings, using participatory and creative arts approaches
 Building collaboration between government and non-government sectors with special emphasis on creating social safety nets for the most vulnerable children and communities
 Founding and managing educational and community arts organisations as well as social enterprises that are based on social change, social justice, community development and action - learning principles

Diploma Early Childhood Education and Care

Creative Educator and Social Artist
Early Childhood Educator of Teachers & Parents
Certified Nia Brown Belt Dance Instructor
Illustrator of Children's Books
Coach & Mentor


Howard Wilkinson, Howard, OLA, Educator

Howard Wilkinson

Trainer/ Educator

Howard has been teaching creative dance classes for toddlers and parents, pre-schoolers, primary and secondary students as well as producing performances since graduating from Mangala Studios Carlton and their Diploma of Teaching Creative Dance course in 2004. He also completed Mangala’s Diploma of Yoga Teaching in 2013.

For the past 14 years he has taught in adult disability centres and special schools around Melbourne, and from 2007 to 2016 presented an early childhood ‘Music and Movement’ unit as part of Victoria University’s Bachelor of Education.

Howard continues to be inspired by the transformative qualities of music and movement and am passionate about its inclusion in education today.

From time to time he hosts students from the Dance Therapy Association of Aust.  They come and observe him teaching in one of the Special Education schools where he teaches.

Last week one such student was observing and she sent Howard this message.

"Thnx Howard, I can get too theoretical in my approach. the biggest thing I observed this morning was the experience of joy that you were able to bring to the children. And I'm going to take that with me because thats what its supposed to be.. Not task."

"Too often we as educators/therapists assume we have to make the education/therapy happen but in fact the transformation of the dancer/student is where it happens, so I task is to allow/assist them to transform.

You know when this happens by the looks on their faces.

I thinks my students have fun, enjoy challenges, express a part or many parts of themselves that is perhaps not ordinarily or easily expressed, find their space, respect others space and all done with no words."


Vicky Stock, OLA, Organisational Learning Australia,

Vicky Stock

Trainer/ Educator

Vicky is an early childhood and primary school teacher with Steiner training. Following an art foundation course and a degree in fine art filmmaking, Vicky undertook teaching training. She started her teaching career in the U.K in 1992. Since moving to Australia in 1996 Vicky has been teaching outdoor based programs including Aboriginal cultural programs for schools and kindergartens at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne as well as teaching in inner city schools.

In 2016 Vicky created and led an all outdoor playgroup at RBGM and then at Sophia Mundi Steiner school the following year.

She has been involved in running Steiner playgroups over the last 6 years.

Her passion is supporting families and young children, encouraging them to explore and connect with the natural world. 


Nikki Fletcher, Nikki, Educator

Nikki Fletcher

Trainer/ Educator

Nikki completed her BA in contemporary dance at the Victorian College of the Arts (where she is currently a sessional lecturer) and went on to work as a dance performer (Dance Works), choreographer (Catch Cry) and teacher (Cecil St Studio) eventually specialising in improvisation over the next 15 years. During that time Nikki worked on numerous community arts projects (Phillip Island environmental projects), artists in schools (Montague Continuing Education Centre for disabled teenagers) and outdoor theatre events including the Woodford fire event directed by Neil Cameron over a 10-year period.

Nikki met her life partner studying Shiatsu and Japanese acupuncture and her two children enflamed her love of Steiner Education. They moved from their home in Melbourne to care for her brother in laws 3 orphaned teenagers. During that time, she joined the Silkwood Steiner School community and was fortunate to begin  teaching the parent craft group with a new parent, Mia, and a wonderful friendship and working relationship flourished.

They devised, designed and taught craft workshops for the Silkwood School’s Heart to Hands Craft group for 4 years during which time the group grew from 8  to  30 women coming  to weekly  craft sessions to be together and to be inspired to create beautiful hand made toys from natural materials. To help make craft materials accessible to this vibrant craft community, Mia and Nikki began their  business, Time4craft. During the time at Silkwood Steiner School Nikki also worked as the playgroup and Prep assistant.

Nikki has since returned to Melbourne and continued her business with Mia, running craft workshops for parents’ teachers and children from her Studio in Preston. She completed her Certificate of Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education at The Michael Centre, Warranwood and the Steiner Craft Curriculum course at Sophia Mundi in Abbotsford. She currently teaches craft technique workshops for both courses. For two years she worked at Little Sophia Kindergarten as well as monthly Family Crafting Workshops in Northcote with Carol Liknaitzky. After completing her Diploma of Education Nikki has joined the teaching team at Sophia Mundi Steiner School where she teaches the Prep to class 5 primary craft curriculum and runs playgroup on Fridays.

Dance history

Nikki Fletcher graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts dance school 1989, joined dance in education company Tasdance followed by Melbourne based contemporary dance company Dance Works with whom she danced for the next eight years. She co-founded improvisation dance company Catch Cry and worked with Tracks Dance Company in Darwin and outdoor theatre comp Strange Fruit for their first international tour. Over the following six years Nikki returned to the VCA as a sessional dance/improvisation teacher and assessor. Her Community theatre involvement, choreography and facilitation includes: 'Waderbirds — Odyssey of the Wetlands' directed by Meme McDonald and Beth Shelton, Woodford Fire Event directed by Neil Cameron 1992-00, Island of Delight and Ocean of Delight, Environmental Theatre Company directed by Kate Clere, Platform- Darebin Community Youth theatre directed by Bruce Gladwin, Women’s Circus- Moomba Barge, Carnival of Life - Artists in schools for Montague Ed Centre for intellectually Handicapped Teenagers. Nikki is currently studying a Diploma of Education and Early childhood Steiner teaching and running craft workshops to inspire early childhood educators and parents of young children.


Anya Kopecka, Anya, Teacher, Educator

Anya Kopecka. MgA

Trainer/ Educator

Anya is originally from The Czech Republic and as a true bohemian she has been in love with theatre ever since she was a little child. Theatre accompanied her through her studies and into professional world some as work with children. 
Anya has over 20 years experience as an educator, performer and  a puppeteer and she  have  bean actively working with children  and adults since 1995. 
Some of her previous experience includes working as a teacher, puppeteer, assistant in Woldorf school but she also has experience as a nanny and a cook in stainer kindergarten.
She worked with little children in drama education after school and also over 7 years in Pedagogical school (in Early learning education program) as an educator for movement, drama education and play. 
Throughout the years she organised and led many workshops and holidays camps for  children. 
She is the founder of theatre group Five Element theatre (https://www.facebook.com/fiveelementstheatre)
Anya studied Pedagogy and Special needs education. She obtained Master's degree at the Academy of Performing arts in Czech Republic qualifying as a Drama teacher. 
Although Anya is a petite person she radiates a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm. When she decides to do something she puts 100% into making it happen.  She juggles  many jobs and roles and she loves to juggle juggling balls. 
She is also passionate about healthy cooking, handwork - crochet, knitting, sewing, arts and crafts and of course she love to play  because even she is nearly in her forties she still lets her inner child shine.
She loves being with children and also adults who have a passion to work with children and support them with their learning as much as she love learn new things from them as well. 

What do your students get out of your class:
At our professional development event Anya will be in the roll of mentor and also she will half run the  movement workshop with Howard Wilkinson. And you will taste with her sense of the communication  through movement and dance. 
In the study program she will be in position of mentor and she will guide them and share her experience and knowledge with them from singing, movement, puppeteers but especially share love for working with children. 

Madonna, Madonna Holmes, Teacher, Educator

Madonna Holmes

Trainer/ Educator

Madonna has been working with children for over 30 years; She was raised Catholic and, although she do not identify as Catholic, the stories impacted her deeply.  She remembers around the age of 9 wondering what it was like for Mary to know she would give birth to the child in whose hands rested the future of humanity; when Madonna gave birth to her own son she realised this is the story of every mother: every mother gives birth to a child who will shape the future of our world.  This realisation deepened her passion for and commitment to supporting parents and children, especially in early childhood, where the foundations of morality, creativity and self-expression are firmly laid.

These three attributes are essential to a healthy and fulfilling life; they are tools that we can use to support our own wellbeing and development, or that of others. 
Madonna has a varied background, working as a nanny, Mothercraft nurse, Developmental Movement and Painting Therapist, and adult educator, most of this work for the last 20 years being underpinned by the principles of Steiner Education. 

Madonna's work with parents, teachers and trainees is aimed at simplifying, distilling down to the essential and practical within the greater context; it is about finding what is possible and manageable in each individual situation and creating empowerment to move forward with courage, joy and trust in ourselves and the path we have chosen.