How to choose a quality training and course provider in Melbourne

With all the news about dodgy training providers, how do you choose a quality Training provider?

Well there are a couple of easy ways to find out. You can look at ASQA decisions, or the VRQA Cancelations and Suspensions list to see if your provider is on that list. If you intend to access Victorian Government funding you may also like to review the Department of Education Contracts enforcement page.

The problem still remains many students get caught up in training that is below standard and they do not find out until they are committed and when it is too late.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has put together this checklist for choosing a quality training provider. This is an excellent resource but we think there are some simple ways you can get a general 'sniff test' to see if the provider is doing the right thing.

Some things to be wary about when choosing a quality provider.

Is the provider offering you a financial incentive or other inducement such as an ipad or computer to enroll in their course? This is prohibited under most funding contracts and certainly not best practice. You may ask yourself how much money they are spending on your actual learning content if they are throwing money at gimmicky inducements.
Has the sales process felt genuine? Have you known what you are getting into from the beginning? Many training providers are using brokers who may advertise a job and when you attend interview they are actually selling you a course. This is not ethical and is generally prohibited. Again, how much money will be spent on your learning if the provider is paying kick backs to brokers?
Is the sales person informative and do they respond to your questions in a straightforward manner? Sometimes students can feel pushed into signing agreements or paperwork without being given the time to understand what they are signing - this rings alarm bells!
When you meet other students are they informed and interested and do they offer value to your existing networks? If you answered no then they may not be in the course for the right reasons.
How much access will you have to your tutor and how quick is the course? Generally speaking a Certificate III should run for at least 6 months and a Diploma for at least 12 months. If the course is too quick you have got to ask what will you actually be learning?
Does the training provider have any relationships with employers or do they offer any direct pathway to employment beyond training? Too many people have a certificate III in industries they will never work in. When you talk to your training provider you need to be confident of your likely earning potential once qualified.
We hope this page has been useful. We believe that private Registered Training Organisations have a significant role to play in skilling Victorians. A small number of dodgy providers have damaged the industry but this does not represent us.

If you are interested in our Childcare Courses you can study Certificate III or Diploma Early childhood education in Melbourne. We have a direct pathway with Family Day care and can guarantee employment in Family Day care for students with suitable home environments. We also set up work experience for 1 day per week in childcare centre's - and this becomes a long 'interview' and many of our students gain employment as a result.

If you have a genuine interest to become an Early Childhood Educator around Melbourne or Victoria and are ready to make this wonderful career move then we would love to hear from you.

Please call 1300856463 or 90361504 for a detailed discussion.

You may like to see our earlier post about strategies we are using to ensure high quality training is provided to our students.